You want to create a business that's wildly profitable and is aligned with your bigger purpose. 

 I'm Denise 

Have I got a story for you.  But before I tell you about me, here' s what I know...

You have this passion, this genius inside and you're amazing at what you do, but you don't know how to turn that into a sustainable business. 

You want to grow your business to six figures and leave behind working for other people for good. 

You want a system that allows you to serve more people without the hustle and burnout. 

I get that... Because I was Once You.

Back in 2015, I'd been a yoga teacher for 5 years. I taught 1000's of students both in public classes, privates, workshops and yoga teacher trainings. I also owned a wellness business, that blended yoga, coaching and mentoring. I did ALL of this on the side as I worked my full-time high school teaching career.  In NYC. Oh and as a mom of 3. 

Sounds glamorous? <insert sarcasm>

I loved it, but I was in hustle hard mode. And exhausted. 

I had checked all the boxes I thought I was supposed to. College, career, marriage, kids. I knew I was a good teacher and even ran a program for at-risk teens. My heart was in that program. And on my maternity leave, they dismantled my program. I didn't care about me, I cared about my students. The ones I currently had and the ones I would never get to serve. 

I was done. I was angry that once again a woman had to lose something, because she decided to have a baby. That I had to follow some arbitrary rules that never had real human beings interest at heart. When I went back, I felt like something was missing. The "9-5 grind" wasn't for me.  The "play by someone else's rules," was definitely not my style either. I didn't want to work for a system that just cared about data points and percentages instead of real human beings. 

In hindsight,  it was a blessing, because it was the push I needed to take my work out of the antiquated and patriarchal school system and out into the world.

I knew in my bones I wanted the freedom of having my own business, but I didn't have a clue where to start.   And I wasn't sure I could replace my salary. Remember that family of 5?

As all good researchers do, I went to podcasts and google. I learned about a coach who was on track to make 7 figures!  And she was helping thousands of women at the same time. She was so full of passion that she got to help other people through coaching.

This was THE wake-up call. I thought, Why not me? 
It was time for me to rethink the way I thought about my mission and my business. For the first time I really listened to my intuition. I wanted to do work that I was passionate about.  Work that would never be taken away from me or expect me to take a pay cut because I was woman. So I made a commitment to treat my business like it was my only job rather than a part-time side-hustle.
Guess. What. Happened? This little experiment helped me replace my teacher salary. People started asking me how I was doing it. And because I knew the yoga teacher and coach hustle well, I knew I could help them too. I've since evolved into helping new entrepreneurs get fully booked so they never have to work a  9-5 again. I help them create wildly profitable businesses that fulfill that longing they have to be an entrepreneur while aligning with their bigger purpose. 

If this sounds anything like you, don't worry. Breath... I got you. I developed a simple and easy process that I now use with all of my clients in my private coaching program.

I get that...
Because I was Once You.


Creating a wildly profitable business that feels authentic to you comes down to these 4 things:




First we’ll create your simple business model to give your business the structure and foundation that it needs to grow consistently and sustainably.

Then you’ll learn a simple, feel good sales process that focuses on selling from a place of SERVICE. 

Once you have developed a clear offer we’ll focus on simple and effective marketing strategies to attract ideal clients to you. 

Finally we’ll focus on mindset and energetic alignment.

This is often the missing link in most business programs and is the reason why you taking “all the action,” isn’t enough.