Six-Figure Foundations





If I had to guess, you’re deeply passionate about the work you do as a
coach, healer or yoga teacher.  

You've created your first few clients and now have the desire to work only with soul-mate clients, hit consistent revenue and enjoy the FREEDOM of solely working for yourself.  

Although you know it takes time, you recognize the potential of your business to create financial abundance and a lifestyle you love.

You just haven’t figured out how to do it, yet. 

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put more hours into your business

have a large network or audience in order to make sales

have a complicated funnel or lead magnet is the steadfast way to get leads 

create customized offers for every potential client

pay money for ads before you make a profit

sacrifice wellbeing, family time, or free time in order to be “all-in” in your business

That's because either you’ve been told or you have this belief that you need to:

None of that is actually necessary.

But here’s the TRUTH about building your business from scratch to 6 figures:

It's about mindset & energy behind the strategies. 

It's about being in alignment with the business you are creating and feeling fulfilled in your life as you do it.      
Then from there, creating an ALIGNED BRAND with 
a                   plan that market authentically, is positioned to attract aligned clients who are a DREAM to work with and at a price you deserve. 



Six-Figure Foundations

This is a 6 month experience designed specifically for the entrepreneur who wants to step into a more profitable version of their business, working only with soul-mate clients and with a clear plan to scale their business without sacrificing their well-being and lifestyle. 

This program is perfect for those who are ready to:

Turn their passion into a business that creates consistent 5 figure months

Implement a proven system that will allow them to replace their 9-5 salary or hit 6 figures in half the time you think it takes

To sell from a place of service and book clients that are in true alignment with what you do

To learn how to position your offer in a way that feels authentic and in integrity so soul-mate clients can't wait to work with you

To create a business that feels aligned to their purpose and helps them live their dream lifestyle

I made back my investment in two-months while working with Denise, and never looked back. Denise helped me solidify and step into my CEO self-concept. I made time for my business, developed my own authentic voice, and harnessed my own inner power. 

It completely shifted how I showed up in my business and how I connected with my clients, and as a result I went from 0 consults to weekly consults in a few months.

-Simone Rodgers Marketing coach, can

How Simone went from ZERO consults to 30k in 6 months her brand new business

1. Not knowing how to clearly explain what you do and how you help 

2. Having the desire and the drive but unsure of what you should be doing

3. Showing up consistently but feeling invisible, attracting non-ideal clients or people who book and ghost

4. Lowering your prices, creating a million different packages, or freezing when you hear an objection

5. Working non-stop in your business, feeling guilty when you take time off

6. Ever worrying again that you will have to work for someone else

Once you master the skill of creating money in your business, you will forever own that skill. 

Knowing exactly how to create a offer that is deliciously positioned to be in high demand, and how to articulate its value in a way that attracts and converts soul-aligned clients with ease

 Learning the exact steps to implement week after week to create a simple intentional marketing plan that feels authentic to you so it's easy to follow-through with 

   I’ll teach you how to create a stand-out message that is unique to you and calls in the right people to your offers, so that you no longer have noncommittal clients 

   You’ll learn how to sell with integrity with my feel-good 6 figure sales flow that will have people leaning into you, ready to say yes and are a dream to work with at the level of investment your work is truly worth

You will learn how to make 6 figures in part-time hours by learning how to pair down to the essentials so that you can enjoy your free time guilt-free -doing the things that matter to you outside of your business

You'll walk away:

Tell me how

Imagine never having to worry about:

I realized That I was worth investing in me. I would have easily spent the same money on my house or my kids, but the thought of spending that money on me was holding me back. I decided to invest... IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS, YOU HAVE TO GO ALL IN AND SOMETIMES YOU NEED SOMEONE TO GUIDE YOU THERE....DENISE WAS GENTLE AND KIND, AND RELENTLESS WHILE RELATABLE.
I built the confidence to believe in the work I was Doing, and created a business with the message of who I really wanted to become, So now when I am working with a client, I still of course work from an intuitive place....that part is just who I am, BUT, I have built a fantastic tool box in my program to help me work clients through a process in their growth and healing for an extended time frame.


"Stephanie went from working in multiple yoga studios, splitting her revenue to feeling  confident enough in herself and her offerings to open her own space and helping more and more clients each month."

-Stephanie Bersh Yoga Teacher & transformational  coach, USA


My signature process that
 blends strategy, mindset & energetics. 




*create a signature irresistible offer that aligns with your zone of genius and has premium-dream clients seeking you out to work with you 

*develop a business model and plan structured to scale over the next few years

*you’ll learn to leverage your current skills to create consistent value and income 

First we’ll create your simple business model to give your business the structure and foundation that it needs to grow sustainably:

Then you’ll learn a simple, feel good sales process that focuses on selling from a place of SERVICE. 

Once you have developed a clear offer we’ll focus on simple and effective marketing strategies to: 

*craft a stand-out message that attracts premium, all-in clients on repeat

*create a simple marketing plan that is in alignment with you so your excited to show up and effectively get you in front of the right people

*create content that feel authentic to you, but has the power to attract ideal clients and fill up your calendar with people ready to invest

*Thinking & feeling like the CEO and making aligned decisions from the future vision you have for your business

*We’ll focus on your money mindset to ensure that you create big juicy money goals AND hit them.

*Uncover any limiting beliefs, conditioning and programming that stands between you and the money you want to make.  This program is just as much about the inner work required to expand into the most authentic, most aligned version of yourself and create YOUR business from there

*You will embody what it means to be the CEO of your business 

*you’ll learn a 6 figure sales process that has you feeling confident and selling with integrity and clients a hell-yes to working with you over and
 over again

Finally we’ll focus on mindset and energetic alignment.

This is often the missing link in most business programs and is the reason why you taking “all the action,” isn’t enough. 

Six-Figure Foundations


By the end of our time together, you will know exactly how to consistently create a living on your own terms and have peace of mind knowing your business will continue to scale.


This is the work we will do inside the
Six Figure Foundation Mastermind

4  Simple Steps  =
Limitless Potential





Comfortably building your business, creating financial abundance while living your dream lifestyle.

Waking up to sales that came in overnight and consults booked without having to put in hours of work 

Leisure mornings sipping coffee on your favorite couch, and plenty of time to nourish your mind, body & soul.

Then off to start  your day with a calendar full of clients that leave you more energized after you work with them

Your posts getting likes and shares and having people DM you that they love your content

Taking walks with your partner midday and enjoying lunch without the computer in front of you.

Having a  highly profitable business that reflects the value of your work AND pays you your worth. 

*Lynn closed her highest month ever in June with 26k and another 20k month in September 

*Kristen got fully booked as a manifestation coach and still has plenty of time to be the mom she wants to be

*Simone made 10k in the first 2 months working together after starting her biz from  scratch-while working full-time as a professor

*Sara 3x her revenue in her YOGA, ENERGY HEALING & therapy practice

*Melissa resigned from her management role to go full-time as a doula 

*Marla got fully booked as an energy healer and quit her 9-5 to go full-time in her biz. she plans to launch an online store soon

*Gianna quit her full-time to go full-time in her wellness & spirituality coaching business

*Dawn was able to cut down her days at her full-time job to just 2 days per week to focus more on her business 

*Beth has grown her life coaching business to include workshops and is launching her first retreat. She’s on track to go full-time in her business early next year.

*Kelly launched her Yoga, RETREATS & CRYSTAL jewelry business while still working full-time

*Vanessa launched her art & yoga business while working her 9-5


Here's all the details

The next round will begin in May of 2022.

The Specifics

The mastermind begins with a 2 day live virtual event,
May 6th & 7th. Over these 2 days you will learn the entire step by step process of Mindset, Energetics and Strategy to create a sought after unrepeatable brand that will help you sustainably scale your business. 

6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls, to support you as you implement and master the process. *Special guests coaches and teachers will also be invited to support your growth.  

A collaborative, intimate container in our private Facebook group where you can post questions, coaching requests, wins etc. Here is where you can ask me questions in between calls and stay connected with your mastermind family

The 6 Figure Foundations Member Portal: All key teachings, recorded coaching calls and any support material will be located in a private member portal

Applicants who apply and are accepted by April 10th will also enjoy a private VIP session with me. Think: Deeper dive with my eyes on your business focusing on messaging, positioning and branding that will have dream-clients seeking you out! 

You might be thinking,"not yet."
I totally get it.
This is a big decision.    

It takes commitment and dedication to YOUR journey.  but, what you learn in THIS mastermind you learn for LIFE.

You learn the process to make 100k. 

 For some IT MAY happen in the 6 MONTHS of the mastermind,  for others it may take a year or longer. I believe Scaling your Business is a PERSONAL JOURNEY THAT HAPPENS ON YOUR OWN TIMELINE.

This investment will set the foundation for  recurring revenue & help you avoid the most commonly made mistakes that stop people from scaling beyond 6 figures without burnout. 

Each masterminder will receive an individualized 3 year business plan, with specific strategies unique to thier goals, strengths & business.  


Six-Figure Foundations



Working with Denise was one of the best decisions that I made, not only for my business development but also for my personal growth.

First of all, she helped me bring my business from small scale to full blown and fully booked! She also helped me work through time management issues, balancing career and family life, self awareness, challenging my limiting beliefs and so much more. The time we spent together has proven to be invaluable in my personal and my professional life.

Denise is completely invested in the success of her clients and it shows in everything that she does.


"Kristen went small scale to full blown and fully booked." 

-Kristen Lynn Farruggia  manifestation  coach &

because i lived this transformation. I built my holistic wellness business for over 10 years while working full-time as a teacher and a mom to 3 little ones. 

i craved the freedom of entrepreneurship and decided To grow my business to replace my salary. Like many of you, 

I didn't have the luxury of a partner who could Financially  support my entrepreneurial endeavor on one income.

So i know what it actually takes to grow a business when you don't have "all the time in the world" nor the financial cushion to just quit your 9-5. 

So many of my clients - many of them yoga teachers, coaches, doulas, health practitioners, & healers wanted to do the same, so when they asked If i could help them- you know i said yes.

My vision is a world where people are paid abundantly for thier gifts and find fulfillment doing work they are deeply passionate about-now.

My mastermind is zero fluff

and I teach you what it actually takes to grow your business in half the time and  how to do it without sacrificing your well-being.

I love to work with those who take their work and purpose seriously while also being mindful of avoiding hustle
and burnout, so My approach is focused on the strategic just as much as the energetic and mindset 

Why Denise as your coach?

For most of you, you know you're ready now. But for those of you who still have a question:

+ How do I know if my business ready?

+ I'm not in a 9-5 anymore, but I'd like support to create consistent revenue in my business-Is this the right place for me?

+ Will I make 6 figures?

Yes & No. This is aN investment, who for the right person, will pay you back ten folds for the life of your business.  for some of you it will happen within the 6 months together and for others it might be more or less. this investment is about learning the process to make 100k sustainably and each person will be on thier own timeline. you can't rush transformation

If you have the desire to grow your business beyond side-hustle/hobby to a bonafide 6Figure+ business, then you belong in this room. If you're looking for clear, simple streamlined strategies for creating offer, making sales and signing soul-aligned clients and you're committed for the long haul. You refuse to do anything that is not in integrity or feels authentic to you then you belong. 

This is the room where the 9-5 hustle culture goes to die. If you are done with the 9-5 - Congrats! This room is to support that transition so you never have to worry about going back again.
for those still in the 9-5- as long as you want out and desire to build your business to support your lifestyle..
you are in the right place


working with Denise I was able to move forward with so many aspects of my business in just 3 months that it is mind blowing; from launching my own website, starting a blog, AND signing up my first FEW coaching clientS while working full-time as a school guidance counselor...

"I was able to move forward with so many aspects of my business in just 3months that it is MIND BLOWING"

-Jill Welch Health coach, USA