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I'm Denise Vernieri.

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Business Coach

Liberating soul-led entrepreneurs and coaches from hustle and burnout to build profitable, sustainable businesses aligned with their version of impact and freedom 

 You know your mission and you’re devoted to the important work you do and the impact it has on your clients. 

Although you are good at what you do and you’re known for delivering incredible results, deep down you feel like you’re still playing small. 

You want to be a leader in your industry with a values-based brand that you monetize with integrity. 

You want to work with the most soul-aligned clients, running a team of inspired people, that allows you to create in your zone of genius, with time and lifestyle freedom as a priority. 

You’re ready to scale and make the dream a reality. 

And you want the most aligned business strategies to get you there. 

You were born ready for more wealth, impact and freedom. 

I'm a business coach & mentor for coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs who grew my current multiple-six figure business after I left my 9-5 career in academia and with it, the oppressive corporate culture that my soul outgrew.

Initially, I started my business as a side-hustle as a means to lean into my passion and ran it successfully for years while working as a NYC educator, English professor and mom to 3 children. I’ve always been drawn to personal growth and spiritually and mind, body, soul wellness. Along with as Masters in English, 17 years in the classroom, I have multiple certification and years personal development, yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, and coaching. 

Although I started my business as a side hustle, it took off once I resigned from teaching and went full-time in my business. I was able to devote my time and energy to it and it started to produce consistent, sustainable revenue. In just two years of being full-time in my business, I grew it to over half a million dollars in revenue, with incredible client relationships and results. 

Now, I help other soul-led brands do the same. I work with coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, who have online businesses and have worked with quite a few brick and mortar businesses as well. I’ve helped women from all over the world, start their business from scratch, leave their 9-5’s to go full-time in their business and supported many to scale their businesses. 

Hey, I'm Denise 

My intention is to help you scale your business in the most aligned way as well, so that you can confidently grow your business, have the greater impact you desire while living the lifestyle of freedom you deeply desire. 

My approach is a holistic blend of mindset, energetics and strategy. We focus on mastery of your leadership and wealth mindset, elevating your messaging and positioning, streamlining your sales process, developing the right support and systems that allow you to be in your zone of genius, supported by masculine and feminine energetics so you can enjoy greater ease in your business.

To me, soul-led entrepreneurship is more than just increasing revenue. It's about the greater impact you have through your business, your legacy and the ability to live life as we were meant to. FREE. 

Spending time doing things that are deeply meaningful to you like being with your family and traveling. Taking on philanthropic work like starting a charity, or writing the book that's been on your heart for years. 

I’m here to help you create that life of freedom, unapologetically. 

6 months accelerated program for soul-led entrepreneurs who want high touch mentorship and coaching to learn next level mindset, marketing and sales strategy to build consistent sustainable revenue, attract high quality clients and go beyond six figures with time and lifestyle freedom. 

1: 1                    Coaching



Soulful & SoldOut 


A 6 month business accelerator for entrepreneurs who are already doing well and want to make six figures minimum this year. You're ready to go all in on next level offers, marketing, sales and mindset to build consistent revenue, to hit 10k months without hustle and burnout.
This program is by application. 

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Spiritual & Rich AF Podcast

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In this show, Denise Vernieri teaches coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs how to sell out your offers and scale your business sustainably.

Each week, Denise teaches marketing and sales along with the mindset you need to be a leader in your industry and live a rich life full of freedom.

 From selling out your 1:1, group programs, retreats, and beyond, you'll get what you need to take your business to the next level. She helps other ambitious business owners create wildly successful businesses without recreating toxic corporate culture in their own businesses. 

Get the Word of Mouth to 100k

Learn the strategies, mindset and energetics that attract best-fit clients that are ready to work with you and consistently refer and renew you. 


-Dr. Dawn Allen, Wellness & Health coach-USA


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-Akshaya Chinapa  
Yoga Therapist & Life -USA

-Rebecca cohen
real estate agent & mentor-USA

After years of working as a nurse practitioner, Dawn decided she wanted to start her own business as a health and wellness coach. She knew there was something more for her offer, but was struggling to find balance between working full-time and growing her business sustainably. During our short 6 months together Dawn created close to 50k in her business AND was signed for a 125k coaching contract allowing her to resign from her full-time job in half the time she thought she would be able to. 

Although Akshaya had launched her business and signed a few clients, she knew she wanted support around her marketing and messaging to call in higher quality clients and mastery of her mindset. 
She signed multiple clients and created 50k with just a few tweaks to her messaging. 

rebecca wanted to increase her sales and decrease the amount of time of she was working so she could spend more time with her daughters. She went from hustling for her clients 24/7, feeling burnt out to mastering leadership  mindset. she made strategic hires and added a structure that allowed her to double revenue while cutting down her work time.