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I'm Denise Vernieri.

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Business Coach

Liberating purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, healers & yoga teachers from the 9-5 hustle by building wildly profitable  businesses so they can do the work they know they are meant to do

I help ambitious new entrepreneurs get paid for doing the work they love. 

 I get it. You want to help people doing the work you know you are meant to do.

As much as you all for service first, you are ready to stop being underpaid so you can expand your reach and have a bigger impact.

You want to create a business that's wildly profitable and is aligned with your bigger purpose. 

You're so ready to stop playing small.

And you figuring it out on your own is the most expensive thing you can do... it cost you time, money and the service you could be doing out in the world RIGHT NOW.

Because we need the gifts that ONLY YOU can give.

 I teach you how to stop hiding your unique contribution and gifts to the world by showing up exactly who you are. 

I help you get clear on who your soul-mate clients are. 

And how to create a unique process that speaks directly to them. 

Once you connect your purpose with your vision... its easy. It's not magic. 

The world needs your work now more than ever. And getting paid so that you can help more people and be an example of what is possible. 


Connect your purpose and vision.

Show up fully as you are. Own your unique gifts.

Be of service.

Get paid.


I created a simple process that focuses on these 3 main areas of your business...


*You'll learn how to overcome fear, doubt, imposter syndrome and anxiety as you shift into your role as the CEO of your business

*How to reprogram your brains tendency to go into the flight or fight response when things aren't going the way you you can STILL take action and get results. 

*You'll learn my 4C's of business: How to show up confidently, consistently, clearly and calmly. Even when doing something you've never done before. 


Mission & Message 

*You'll learn how to create a simple business plan that will be easy to follow and scale

*You'll learn how to evaluate and figure out exactly where you need to spend time in order to have your income reflect your effort

*You'll know how to think like an entrepreneur and master:
  -CEO mindset
  -time management and
  -making quality 

*You'll create a brand that is aligned with your core values 

*You'll get clear on your message and have clarity around you ideal client and how to attract them

*You'll have a dialed-in signature process created exactly for your ideal clients

*You'll learn how to market and sell in a way that feels good and authentic so you are excited to talk to about your work

Kelly G., -Yoga Teacher

"I chose to work with Denise because she has so much knowledge and truly wants to help everyone and see them succeed. My goal was to be more confident.  I knew no matter what, that I needed to sign up because Denise always gives you the real, raw version of things. She doesn’t sugarcoat and that’s what I needed."

-Jill W., Health Coach

"By working with Denise I was able to move forward with so many aspects of my business in just 3 months that it is mind blowing; from launching my own website, starting a blog, signing up my first individual coaching client, and joining a wellness marketing network and participating in a virtual event to promote my business."


Regan D., -Yoga Teacher

"Working a full time job, I was struggling with burnout and time management. I was trying to fit it all in. I experienced doubts and guilt as I tried to accomplish everything. I have re-evaluated my goals- personal and professional. 
Denise is a resource I can trust and turn to for honest feedback. Denise is committed to the long term success of not only myself but all her clients."

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Jill Went From
Scratch to Clients

Kelly gained confidence to help her get clear  in her business

Regan went from burnout to sustainable business