*SCALE PEACEFULLY and sustainably with thEIr biggest months and right-fit clients filling thEIr calendar.

*impact more people and leave a legacy while creating time, money and life style freedom

 1:1 Coaching 

 COACHES & consultants WHO WANT TO:


Your next step to grow your business effectively & sustainably 



If you are anything like my clients, i'd guess:

You're passionate about your work, a woman who values precision and excellence in everything you do. Your dedication to client results and your industry reputation is unmatched.

With years of experience under your belt, you've honed your skills to perfection. But you're not looking to remain a hidden gem in your industry.

Your current clients adore your work, leading to renewals and referrals. Yet, deep down, you crave a steady flow of ideal clients, ensuring you're never concerned about your next booking.

Your goal? Filling your services and programs with the right clients who happily pay your rates, aligning your income with your true worth.

If you're close to capacity with your 1:1 services, you know your next step is getting fully booked and adding a new offer with a group experience like a program or mentorship. Still, there's that nagging concern about maintaining the high-quality results your clients are used to.

But here's the big one - you're not just growing your business; you're determined to claim more time for your personal life. Your dream is to become the go-to expert in your industry, impacting countless lives, but never at the expense of your family and well-being.

You're seeking the secret to achieving these dreams sustainably and in alignment with your values, and you're ready to learn how.

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Work longer hours to boost your business.

Build a vast network, audience, and client base to increase sales.

Accept more clients for your 1:1 services, even if they aren't your ideal fit.

Craft personalized offers and packages for each potential client.

Consider launching a group program, all while fearing it might impact client satisfaction and results.

Sacrifice your well-being, family time, and free hours to go all-in on your business.

RIGHT NOW you believe that
you need to:

 None of that is actually necessary...

But here’s the TRUTH about building your business to Six-FIGURES & BEYOND:

I understand what it's like to be highly skilled, with tons of experience to back it and feel like you're a hidden gem in your industry. 

To do that entrepreneur hustle, going from client to client, leaving you feel exhausted, with little left for your own business. And at day's end, there was often minimal energy to devote to family and self-care. 

To know in your heart how impactful your work is want to help more people but not sure what the best way forward is. 

That's why I'm on a mission. To guide countless human-centered entrepreneurs like you out of the shadows. To help you craft Industry Leading Offers, compose a Mission to Movement Message, and sell out your offerings consistently, all without compromising your life beyond your business. 

I know this Because I WAS YOU.......

Complexity and compromise isn’t required to create the business you want and be well-known in your industry.

With  industry leading offers, mission driven message, six figure sales strategies, and a leader mindset, you will set the standard of service in your industry and community producing results, renewals, referrals and more revenue..

My favorite people to work with: 
Any of this sound familiar? 

-You're fantastic at what you do, and your clients are super happy. Now, it's time to make your offers even better, so you can grow your business without any hiccups.

- You want to reach more people, but your message isn't quite pulling in the right folks.

- Your brand should feel just like you, matching your values, and draw in those perfect clients. But explaining how awesome you are is a bit of a challenge.

- You're eager to work with clients who don't need convincing – they already know you're the one for them. Your dream is to have a group of clients who are ready to invest and get great results.

APPLY HERE TO LEARN ABOUT working together 

- You're all about your craft, super knowledgeable, but turning all that expertise into offers that stand out and sell well isn't easy.

- Forget pushy sales tactics. You want to grow your business the right way.

- You're hungry to learn how to scale up while still delivering top-notch quality without burning out or damaging your relationships. 








Private 1:1 Coaching



*Create your Mind, Body, Soul Protocol to ensure that your well-being is prioritized 

*Access to a library of somatic practices, nervous system regulation, meditations and breathwork 

My 4 Step-Method is simple, sustainable and scaleable.   

The focus of our work is on YOU at the core of your brand.

The magic of creating an unrepeatable brand that has a reputation for stellar results and is in alignment with the life you want outside of your business, comes down to you.

I don't do cookie cutter business coaching. Its high-touch and individualized to teach my clients how to build their version of "pinch me- am I dreaming," business. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and work shoulder to shoulder with my clients.




Nicole Turczak and Chelsea Hoeffler, who are partners that own two yoga studios. 

From managing staff, to adding systems and learning how to sell their trainings, certifications and classes, the Soulful & Sold Out process has helped them hit their highest revenue and profits in 7 years and get a clear vision for the their yoga brand to scale. 


Nicole Turczak and Chelsea Hoeffler, business partners that went from hustling in their yoga business to hitting consistent highest revenue months in 7 years, crossing over six figures. 

Yoga Studio Owners, USA

When Mariah, a money coach, started working with me last year, she was signing clients but she definitely had more consults booked than she was getting yeses. She also knew she wanted to work with people who showed up to every call ready to go, who did the work in between sessions to maximize their own financial results. 

Today, she's crossed over 50k in her business and is well on her way to her six figure money coaching business. 

Every client in her business is meeting their financial goals before the end of her program AND ready to set new ones. They also consistently sign-up to work with her again and they refer her to their friends and family. 

Here’s what Mariah had to say: 

“Since working with Denise I have gained so much confidence….Since working with her I’ve also increased my conversions, resigns with current clients, created clients within my community from in person networking, to people in my everyday life already. It has been so fun to see that clients come from social media AND word of mouth.”


Mariah increased her confidence AND her renewal rate to cross over 60k in her business. 

-Mariah RaynoR  
Money coach, USA

Emma created a group offer that leveraged her graduate study research with coaching and had her first 10k launch. 

In her second launch, she more than TRIPLED her launch and brought in 90k with a hybrid model of 1:1 coaching, niched offers & retreats. 


How Emma, a Yoga Teacher & Somatic Coach went from full-time graduate student to having a consistent 5-figures launches and 90k+ 

-Emma Marcus
Yoga Teacher & Life CoacH-USA


By the end of our time together, you will know exactly how to consistently attract ideal clients, create increasing revenue and scale sustainably. 


Comfortably building your business, creating financial abundance while living your dream lifestyle.

Waking up to sales that came in overnight and consults booked without having to put in hours of work 

Leisure mornings sipping coffee on your favorite couch, and plenty of time to nourish your mind, body & soul.

Then off to start  your day with a calendar full of clients that leave you more energized after you work with them

Your posts getting likes and shares and having people DM you that they love your content

Taking walks with your partner midday and enjoying lunch without the computer in front of you.

Having a  highly profitable business that reflects the value of your work AND pays you your worth. 

1:1 Overview

90-Minute ONBOARDING session

We map out all your goals and the strategy for hitting those goals over the next 6 months. 

24 Private 1 hour calls

 we plan and execute your strategy for creating content, lead generation & visibility, create your signature process, develop world class group programs with high level curriculum with mindset coaching to support your action

1:1 clients will be invited to quarterly planning intensives. this is a mix of teaching, coaching and planning 90 day sprints to ensure goals are met 

Quarterly Planning Intensives

In between our sessions you'll have support so you dont have to wait to ask questions. I'll be with you side-by-side the whole way. 

Unlimited voxer support m-Th

I'm Ready to Apply

-Dr. Dawn Allen, Wellness & Health coach-USA


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-Akshaya Chinapa  
Yoga Therapist & Life -USA

-Rebecca cohen
real estate agent & mentor-USA

After years of working as a nurse practitioner, Dawn decided she wanted to start her own business as a health and wellness coach. She knew there was something more for her offer, but was struggling to find balance between working full-time and growing her business sustainably. During our short 6 months together Dawn created close to 50k in her business AND was signed for a 125k coaching contract allowing her to resign from her full-time job in half the time she thought she would be able to. 

Although Akshaya had launched her business and signed a few clients, she knew she wanted support around her marketing and messaging to call in higher quality clients and mastery of her mindset. 
She signed multiple clients and created 50k with just a few tweaks to her messaging. 

rebecca wanted to increase her sales and decrease the amount of time of she was working so she could spend more time with her daughters. She went from hustling for her clients 24/7, feeling burnt out to mastering leadership  mindset. she made strategic hires and added a structure that allowed her to double revenue while cutting down her work time. 

because i lived this transformation. I built my holistic wellness business for over 10 years while working full-time as a teacher and a mom to 3 little ones. 

i craved the freedom of entrepreneurship and decided To grow my business to replace my salary. Like many of you, 

I didn't have the luxury of a partner who could Financially  support my entrepreneurial endeavor on one income.

So i know what it actually takes to grow a business when you don't have "all the time in the world" nor the financial cushion to just quit your 9-5. 

So many of my clients - many of them yoga teachers, coaches, doulas, health practitioners, & healers wanted to do the same, so when they asked If i could help them- you know i said yes.

My vision is a world where people are paid abundantly for thier gifts and find fulfillment doing work they are deeply passionate about-now.

My mastermind is zero fluff

and I teach you what it actually takes to grow your business in half the time and  how to do it without sacrificing your well-being.

I love to work with those who take their work and purpose seriously while also being mindful of avoiding hustle
and burnout, so My approach is focused on the strategic just as much as the energetic and mindset 

Why me as your coach?

Apply for 1:1 coaching

Simone created over 50k, mapped out her next level offer and launch while selling out her 1:1

And we mapped this out so that she could take a full month off to be with her family during the summer 

-Simone Rodgers Marketing coach, can

50k while off in summer to be her kids

I realized That I was worth investing in me. I would have easily spent the same money on my house or my kids, but the thought of spending that money on me was holding me back. I decided to invest... IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS, YOU HAVE TO GO ALL IN AND SOMETIMES YOU NEED SOMEONE TO GUIDE YOU THERE....DENISE WAS GENTLE AND KIND, AND RELENTLESS WHILE RELATABLE.
I built the confidence to believe in the work I was Doing, and created a business with the message of who I really wanted to become, So now when I am working with a client, I still of course work from an intuitive place....that part is just who I am, BUT, I have built a fantastic tool box in my program to help me work clients through a process in their growth and healing for an extended time frame.


Stephanie went from working in multiple yoga studios, splitting her revenue to feeling  confident enough in herself and her offerings to open her own space and helping more and hitting 5k months."

-Stephanie Bersh Yoga Teacher & transformational  coach, USA

Working with Denise was one of the best decisions that I made, not only for my business development but also for my personal growth.

First of all, she helped me bring my business from small scale to full blown and fully booked! She also helped me work through time management issues, balancing career and family life, self awareness, challenging my limiting beliefs and so much more. The time we spent together has proven to be invaluable in my personal and my professional life.

Denise is completely invested in the success of her clients and it shows in everything that she does.


"Kristen went small scale to full blown and fully booked." 

-Kristen Lynn Farruggia  manifestation  coach &

*Lynn closed her highest month ever in June with 26k and another 20k month in September 

*Sara 3x her revenue in her YOGA, ENERGY HEALING & therapy practice

*Melissa resigned from her management role to go full-time as a doula 

*Marla got fully booked as an energy healer and quit her 9-5 to go full-time in her biz. she plans to launch an online store soon

*Gianna quit her full-time to go full-time in her wellness & spirituality coaching business

*Beth has grown her life coaching business to include workshops and is launching her first retreat. She’s on track to go full-time in her business early next year.

*Kelly launched her Yoga, RETREATS & CRYSTAL jewelry business while still working full-time

*Vanessa launched her art & yoga business